Bedroom Bondage

What we enjoy most, is working with real people. We closely collaborate with the best craftsmen in the world to give our clients access to sex toys, kinky gear, fetish wear and lingerie they can truly treasure. No matter what their desires are, we go the extra mile to find that one item for them that meets their personal needs.

Anonymous asked: Do you have a princess plug with leds light?

No, I’m sorry.. never seen one like it either.

Looking for a quality tail plug..?

Orders for tails have been rolling in the past week! You’ll find fox, wolf, horse, pony & bunny tails on our website.

But did you know we also sell rainbow pony tails? Or what about ones in natural colors? Or would a cat or dog tail be more your thing? I can also help you get your hands on all of those, even though they’re not listed on the website just yet. All you need to do is send me a message.

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Out of stock notice..

Sadly, I need to inform you the white and pink Air Bubble Plugs are completely sold out. There are a few left in blue and green though, so grab them before they’re gone! The wonderful artisan who makes these has told me she probably won’t be restocking this specific style until October. I’m so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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How to Showcase or Hide Your Headlights | The Lingerie Addict

I just read this article on one of my favorite blogs, The Lingerie Addict. Since I moved to South Africa and started working from home, I actually hardly wear a bra anymore.. I feel way more comfortable without, and think it’s fun when Sir can squeeze my nipples through my top. I only choose to wear a bra when I’ll be in a professional setting or visiting family. So what do you think.. should you showcase or hide your nipples, and why?

Q & A | Air Bubble Plug

"Where can this butt plug be purchased except for at Bedroom Bondage? The color I want is sold out.” — @myladyartemis

I’m very sorry, but the artisan who makes these gorgeous plugs has confirmed my website is the only one it’s been listed on. Only the pink and white ones have sold out though, so blue and green are still available. The artisan told me she only plans on restocking these in October. Again, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

If you like, you can contact me, and I’ll personally work with you to find a another butt plug you find beautiful. I’m here to help.

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The beauty of handcrafted objects..

When buying something made by an artist, you’re buying more than just an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks & months of frustration and moments of pure joy. YOU AREN’T JUST BUYING A THING, you’re buying a piece of heart, part of a soul, a moment of someone’s life. Most importantly, you’re buying the artist more time to do something they are passionate about.

This is why I only work with passionate artisans who make the most gorgeous pleasure objects, lingerie, bondage gear and fetish wear in the entire world.. and I absolutely love doing it!

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puppysteeb asked: I am so excited that you're carrying latex things now! (Just thought you should know I'm saving for my very first latex piece with the intention of purchasing it from you.)

I’m happy to hear you’re excited, so am I! It would be very special to me to help you get your hands on your very first piece. Which piece do you have your heart set on? And did you know I’ve got a giveaway going on where you can win $150.00 to spend on a latex garment or accessory?

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